It’s quite clear now that Arsenal and Manchester United are doing a straight swap deal with no cash involved. David Ornstein confirmed that yesterday night and there will be no better source for this transfer saga.

Now, there are several reports that the transfer will end up costing Manchester United around £180 million. However, the Arsenal side of this saga has not been quoted at all.

As per our sources, Manchester United will be paying £32 million in total to get the deal done. £17 million will be a signing on bonus to Alexis Sanchez while £15 million will go to his agent.

Arsenal, on the other hand, will not be paying so much. Mkhitaryan will be getting a £8 million signing on bonus while Mino Raiola will end up pocketing around £9 million.

Mkhitaryan, however, will eventually end up getting more in bonuses as he makes appearances for the club and scores as well.

More to follow…